Carousel and WMS Software Worldwide

  • Have you outgrown your current carousel management software (CMS)?
  • Would you like the ability to manage stock in the carousel and on static racks?
  • Would you like to centralise your storage with easy access to files or parts? (CMS)?
  • Do you want to combine multiple carousels with any make and model of carousels using a single solution?
  • Consider Netstock ePic. Maximise the benefit of your carousel with Inventory software to fully manage stock located anywhere in the storage machine.

New and Used Vertical Carousel and Vertical Lift

  • Floor space is a premium in a warehouse or office. A carousel can utilise the maximum height of the building without the need to resort to mezzanine floors or long aisle racks.
  • All stock is enclosed within the carousel so it is protected from contamination including dust and dirt.
  • Ideally suited to store / retrieve anything from industrial goods to small / medium parts. Will store high value components or important files or documents.
  • Goods to person principle with computer controlled vertical shelving system.

Vertical Storage